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Far East / Digital Art from Photography

Far East / Digital Art from Photography

This piece was inspired on our trip up the Yangzi River in China on our way to the Three Gorges Dam. I was unable to get a clear shot due to the mist rising from the water. So I created this abstract of the river and mountains.

The top piece is printed on metallic paper bonded to acrylic at a size of 12" high x 20" wide. It is floated on an under painted copy of the original.
Custom framed with a beautiful wood frame at 14" high x 24" wide.

Price $600.00
Add $50.00 for shipping and handling for locations in the United States. Work to be sent as insured. Please inquire for shipping to other locations.

This is an original signed piece from my personal collection.

All sales are final so Please contact me to confirm availability before purchasing.